How to Have an Amazing Relationship While Being on a Spiritual Path


Intimate relationships can be one of the most blissful and also one of the most challenging places in people's spiritual journeys.

Sometimes, they can be sheer joy and bliss. Other times, they lead to one's deepest broken zones and pain.

How can you navigate this terrain in your current or in a future relationship?

And, how can you do it in a way that's in alignment with your spiritual path? In other words, how can you be "one with all" and yet also be with this other person who is in some ways a total mystery?

We'll explore these and other relationship questions you may have over the course of six modules. 

Our goal is to help you explore how relationships can be a catalyst for your growth, healing, and deeper awakening.

Some benefits of this course may include: 

  • a better understanding of how intimate relationships can be part of your awakened or awakening life so that you can use it as a vehicle for growth,
  • learning how to be supported by Being through a deeper connection to your conscious nature so that you can experience more peace in the midst of relationship challenges,
  • a deeper experience of practicing mutuality in relationship so that you have a template for resolving relationship conflicts more skillfully,
  • learning how to let in the sensual delights of being alive and the core wellness through your relationship, and
  • a deeper experience of practicing mutuality in relationship, being present with your truth while also opening to hear the other.

This is a recording of a course. To support you in integrating these lessons, we are including a live call where you can ask any questions you have. 

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Introduction: Spirituality and Relationships

3 Lessons

In this module, we talk about how spirituality and relationships go together... even if many of our spiritual role models (whether it's Buddha, Jesus, the Dalai Lama, monks, nuns, saints, etc.) have chosen a celibate path. 

What Even Is Spirituality?

1 Lessons

In this module, we explore what spirituality even means. Concretely, we discuss the difference between a left-handed and a right-handed spiritual path... and what that has to do with relationships. 

How to Deal With Limits in Relationships

1 Lessons

In this module, Elijah talks about how to deal with limits (our own and our partner's limits) in relationships. 

Mutuality: How to Deal with "Hot Button Topics" in Relationships

1 Lessons

In this module, we explore how to be in mutuality together around "hot button" topics. 

How to Deal With Intense Emotions In Relationships

1 Lessons

Emotional Labor in Relationships

2 Lessons

How to Avoid Disappointments in Relationships (Expectations vs. Agreements)

1 Lessons

In this bonus module, we explore how to avoid disappointments in relationships, using a simple distinction. 

Course Wrap Up

2 Lessons

In this module, we wrap up the course. 

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