Book: "The Work You Love Revolution. Work Less, Earn More, and Never Hate Your Job Again"


"Bere is a wise mastermind for how to work with passion and purpose. It can feel overwhelming if you’re not there yet, but her book guides you on how to do that—from the large perspective (the world we live in) to how small changes make a big difference. Bere’s book gets you out of the routine into living with heart."

Sondra Kornblatt
Author of “Restful Insomnia” and “Brain Fitness for Women”

"We spend most of our lives at work, we even base our identities on what we do. Sadly, for many work is a necessary evil to be able to pay the bills in the worst case, or at least a less than fulfilling experience that does not satisfy our desire to make a difference and leave a legacy. Bere proposes a revolution to gain back sovereignty over your life and find your passion.

What makes this book different from all the other "find your passion" volumes out there is her expertise as a coach that makes this a book about transformation not information. It is filled with action prompts, and gives you small action steps and experiments to get started safely. Bere also provides a lot of extra resources to accompany you on your quest to find work you love and live a happier life."

Isabel Zaragoza M.A
Certified Executive & Happiness Coach

Why this book?

Over your lifetime, you will spend at least 80,000 hours at work. If that thought makes you feel utterly depressed, you’re far from alone.

According to an international study, only a small minority of people worldwide (15 %) are engaged at work. If disliking one’s job was a physical illness, authorities would have categorized it as a national and international emergency by now!

If you can’t wait for the weekend (or retirement) to come, you will want to read “The Work You Love Revolution.”

Clearly, meaningful work is extremely valuable to people. So much so that according to one American study, on average people would trade in about $21,000 a year in exchange for meaningful work (which is more than they spend on housing!).

When I work with clients on this individually, they often invest $2000 or more to have me help them create work they love.

Even if we only work together for a month, that is $400 that my clients are happy to spend on their quest to have meaningful work.

Since individual coaching is not something that is financially accessible to everyone, I am so happy that I can now offer my help in a way that everyone CAN afford.

This ebook summarizes a lot of the work I have done over the last half decade or so and it feels so good to be able to share with you how you can create work you love

… at a fraction of the costs of a Starbucks coffee (1.11 USD, to be precise… or the equivalent in your currency)!

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